The curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education, Singapore. A Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens in Singapore “Nurturing Early Leaners”. The Desired Outcomes of Preschool Education, by the end of their education in kindergarten, children should


●      Be willing to share and take turns with others

●      Know what is right and what is wrong

●      Be able to relate to others

●      Be curious and able to explore

●      Be able to listen and speak with understanding

●      Be comfortable and happy with themselves

●      Have developed physical coordination and healthy habits

●      Love their families, friends, teachers and school


Overview of the Kindergarten Curriculum Framework

iTeach Principles

The iTeach Principles guide the planning, designing and facilitation of meaningful and appropriate learning experiences for young children. These principles are identified based on findings from local and international research on how children learn and develop as well as good practices evident in pre-school settings in Singapore (refer to Annex for theories and research that underpin the principles). These are critical considerations of a quality kindergarten curriculum.

The iTeach principles are:


●      integrated approach to learning

●      teachers as facilitators of learning

●      engaging children in learning through purposeful play

●      authentic learning through quality interactions

●      children as constructors of knowledge

●      holistic development



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